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Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I am dedicated to the improvement of a beautiful profession called Chiropractic.

We have put together a seminar to help increase your confidence and certainty, not only in your practice but in yourself. Using this confidence and certainty to go out and connect and become a person of influence in your community for your surrounding medical practitioners and other healthcare providers.

To achieve this we have put together an amazing seminar. 


This Align Seminar Will

Increase Your Influence 

Increase Your Profitability

Improve Our Profession


Dr Shady Botros

Initially worked as an associate in a family practices in the Mornington Peninsula in 2003. From 2007 till 2021 along with Dr Sally Mikhael they built an incredibly successful family practice in Frankston Victoria. As a family they relocated to the Gold Coast in 2021.

As a student was president of the CSA at Macquarie University and a past board member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia (Victorian Branch) and past Vice President of the Peninsula Chiropractors United Association. Also lectured at the  RMIT University chiropractic program for several years.

In 2010 co-founded Chiros to Cairo, a premier seminar and tour of the majestic land of Egypt. All details at

Teaching chiropractors from around the world the secrets to getting GP/MD referrals since 2019. Dedicated to improving the standing of this beautiful profession called chiropractic, worldwide 


The GP communication 

The a specific way to approach medical practices that allows you to affectively present to the medical professional 

Presentation to the GP. The best way to present yourself/your profession to them.
How to deal with GP referred patient that insures lifelong relationship with that GP 

Final looks how to repeat this process without it getting stale to ensure that your message says relevant and at the forefront of the surrounding medical practices.

Get into the medical practices

✅ What to say when you get there

✅ Serving the GP referred patient

✅ Keeping up the communication

✅ Getting GP’s to understand chiropractic for pain AND corrective care


Dr. Adrian Dennewald

  • Owner and Inventor of Denneroll Cervical Orthotic 2006 - Patented

  • Co-developer with Dr Deed Harrison (CBP)

  • Thoracic Denneroll Spinal Orthotic 2010

  • Lumbar Denneroll Spinal Orthotic 2010

  • Co-developer with Dr Jeb McAviney 2011 Scoliroll

  • Thoracic and Lumbar Scoliosis Rehabilitation Device

  • Focused in Sagittal Plane Spinal Correction and rehabilitation since 2006

  • Focused in Coronal Plane Spinal Correction and rehabilitation since 2011

  • CBP Instructor 2015

  • Owner and Inventor of Denneroll Pillow 2020 - Patented

  • International presenter and instructor of spinal correction using Denneroll

  • Spinal Orthotics since 2009 (Australia, NZ, Singapore, Indonesia, UK, Canada, USA)


✅ Denneroll and corrective care

✅ Science, research, and evidence

✅ Presenting corrective care to GP’s

✅ Correct use of Denneroll



Sat, Jul 8, 2023 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Perth, WA, 6000


111 Saint Georges Terrace, #level 1

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* Students must present a valid  student card upon signing in

** Graduates of class 2020 and 2021 must produce evidence of graduating in those years (photo image of certificate)

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